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The Daily Wire - 1 min. ago
A solid majority of Americans across the political spectrum support holding hearings for Supreme Court nominees during a presidential year, according to a poll ...
Christian Post - 1 min. ago
The pastor of a 3,000-seat California church said he will stop fighting Santa Clara County and hold services in the church parking lot as per local COVID-19 ...
BizPac Review - 11 min. ago
A Boston professor says Joe Biden should announce that he will appoint former first lady Michelle Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court to 'honor' Ginsburg
BizPac Review - 11 min. ago
Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is being called an entitled brat for ranting and raving about not being picked as this season's NBA MVP.
trendingpolitics - 11 min. ago
The left's burning hatred for President Trump is only exceeded by their contempt for the democratic process and the disregard for elections that don't go their
BizPac Review - 20 min. ago
About 1,000 copies of the conservative pundit's new book have allegedly been stomped in or otherwise intentionally damaged before they were shipped out.
Fox News - 20 min. ago
An unidentified shooter who opened fire at a Pennsylvania shopping mall remained on the loose Sunday morning, hours after dozens of police vehicles surrounded the ...
Zero Hedge - 24 min. ago
Iran will see this as a direct threat following Qatar's role in Syrian regime change ...
Newsmax - 24 min. ago
Tropical Storm Beta Meandering toward Texas, Louisiana
disrn - 24 min. ago
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The Daily Wire - 29 min. ago
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reportedly went further than any other justice in voicing her displeasure that the Supreme Court had only eight justices ...
BizPac Review - 38 min. ago
Some 86 anti-ICE protesters were arrested in NYC amid the ongoing crime wave ignited by Black Lives Matter's anti-police rhetoric.
justthenews - 38 min. ago
Former presidential candidate's voter fraud message conflicts with much of Democratic Party, which has downplayed concerns.
disrn - 38 min. ago
The latest news and headlines from Disrn. Keep up with breaking news stories and the news you care most about. Brief, smart news analysis with key insights to ...
The Hill - 42 min. ago
MSNBC said President Trump is endangering journalists and undermining freedoms after he told a crowd at a rally that it was a beautiful sight when one of the ...
Hannity - 42 min. ago
If you've always loved computers and have a knack for communicating with them, you might want to consider a career in ethical ...
Hannity - 42 min. ago
The Damasukasu Japanese 3-Piece Master Chef Hanshu Knife Set is a great option for any home chef. These handcrafted blades normally retail ...
Newsmax - 42 min. ago
Virtual UN Is Latest Blow to New York City's Battered Economy
trendingpolitics - 47 min. ago
With the demonization of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in full swing, an angry mob descended on the Louisville home of the Kentucky ...
Fox News - 47 min. ago
Four people in Arizona were arrested they were busted with nearly $4 million of meth during a routine traffic stop.
Hannity - 52 min. ago
One Oregon woman showed incredible bravery we wished we saw more of during these tumultuous times. The unbelievable ordeal was caught on ...
LifeZette - 56 min. ago
Officers with the New York Police Department have launched a desperate search for a 5 year-old boy who fell into the Harlem River. Sources told the New
Newsmax - 56 min. ago
Eddie Murphy was all set to return to stand-up until the coronavirus pandemic hit - and says now hit's no times for joking. Speaking Saturday at the Creative Emmys' ...
ABC News - 56 min. ago
A 2-year-old boy has died after suffering an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound while two adults and a teenager were home with him at the time of the incident.
Zero Hedge - 1 hr. ago
The amputation of the fingers of these minors is an offense to most concepts of human rights and indeed humanity ...
LifeZette - 1 hr. ago
While much about the coronavirus is still unknown, many states have put requirements on schools and universities to help stop the spread of this deadly
LifeZette - 1 hr. ago
While many oppose President Donald Trump for his alpha nature and bold comments, it's often Democrats who instigate the argument or throw the first punch.
disrn - 1 hr. ago
The latest news and headlines from Disrn. Keep up with breaking news stories and the news you care most about. Brief, smart news analysis with key insights to ...
BizPac Review - 1 hr. ago
MMA fighter Colby Covington slammed 'Sleepy Joe' Biden after Saturday's big win, predicts a Trump 'landslide' in November.
LifeZette - 1 hr. ago
It appears that there was just an assassination attempt on President Donald Trump, as a package of the deadly poison ricin was mailed to the White House.
BizPac Review - 1 hr. ago
Left-wing protesters holding up revolution signs protested outside Mitch McConnell's home Saturday and have vowed to keep coming back til the election.
justthenews - 1 hr. ago
Announcement by Secretary of State Pompeo comes amid rising tensions in the region.
BizPac Review - 1 hr. ago
Two women have emerged as the frontrunners on President Trump's shortlist to replace Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Federalist - 1 hr. ago
In New York City's one swing congressional district, law and order has become the central issue.
Zero Hedge - 1 hr. ago
No one in the world has such a weapon. Not yet, anyway.
Fox News - 1 hr. ago
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating a police-involved shooting that left one person dead Saturday night in the same jurisdiction where Ahmaud ...
Newsmax - 1 hr. ago
Ginsburg's Death Leaves Eight Justices to Deal With the Election
BizPac Review - 2 hr. ago
Trump supporters urged him to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by chanting Fill the Seat at an enthusiastic North Carolina rally.
ABC News - 2 hr. ago
Tropical Storm Beta has winds of 60 mph this morning and is around 205 Miles southeast of Galveston, Texas moving west-northwest at 3 mph slowly towards the Texas ...
ABC News - 2 hr. ago
The numbers come via an ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday.
The Hill - 2 hr. ago
Economist and adviser to President Trump
Today in Supreme Court History: September 20, 1968 -
Reason - 2 hr. ago
9/20/1968: The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission denied a certificate of no exterior effect to the Penn Central Transportation
BizPac Review - 2 hr. ago
President Donald Trump made a surprise congratulatory call Saturday night to MMA fighter Colby Covington after his big win.
Zero Hedge - 2 hr. ago
The languages of the Blue Banana are the actual means of human communication of the EU after ...
BizPac Review - 2 hr. ago
A package containing the deadly toxin ricin was intercepted by federal authorities last week before it could reach its recipient, President Donald Trump.
National Review - 2 hr. ago
Our political discourse in 2020 is in important ways more free, more diverse, and more robust than it was in 2004. It is also in important ways worse.
National Review - 2 hr. ago
In a recent interview with National Review ahead of the tenth anniversary of his life-changing explosion, the Florida Republican recalled the night his unit had ...
National Review - 2 hr. ago
Veronica Clarke's baby is the reason for the road trip, but the baby makes no appearance, and it is the child's disappearance that renders the trip a success.
National Review - 2 hr. ago
The British government violated an international agreement, but Biden and the Democratic Party are ignoring history.
Washington Examiner - 2 hr. ago
HERMANTOWN, Minnesota - Democrats are concerned that a groundswell of support for President Trump outside of Minnesota's Twin Cities may be enough to win him the ...
BizPac Review - 2 hr. ago
Peter Hasson, DCNF Democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court if Republicans fill the vacancy left by liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's ...
Newsmax - 2 hr. ago
ByteDance Says Not Aware of $5 Bln Education Fund in TikTok Deal
Newsmax - 2 hr. ago
Donors Flood Democrats With Cash After Ginsburg's Death
Fox News - 3 hr. ago
Mississippi voters more vulnerable to the coronavirus because of preexisting conditions don't necessarily qualify to cast an absentee ballot, the state's Supreme ...
Reason - 3 hr. ago
Excerpts from Reason's vaults
The Hill - 3 hr. ago
The most prolific online fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and causes said Sunday morning that donors had contributed more than $91 million in the 28 ...
Free Beacon - 3 hr. ago
Left-wing radicals continued to attack federal and police property this week, while also excusing the murder of Trump supporters and deciding to try another ...
Free Beacon - 3 hr. ago
A progressive group that was supported by the Democracy Alliance is back up and running after a five-year hiatus to help Democrats in the South.
Free Beacon - 3 hr. ago
House Dems are blocking a bill that will curtail the influence of the Confucius Institute, stymying bipartisan legislation unanimously passed by the Senate.
ABC News - 3 hr. ago
Republicans rallied around a Supreme Court vacancy in 2016. Will Democrats do the same this year?
Fox News - 4 hr. ago
A professor at Marshall University in West Virginia was suspended last week after allegedly saying she hoped President Trump's supporters would all die from the ...
Fox News - 4 hr. ago
Police arrested 86 protesters at tense Abolish ICE demonstrations in Times Square and near NYPD headquarters in Manhattan Saturday, police sources said.
American Thinker - 4 hr. ago
A new generation of American's has now become defined. They are called the E generation or the Entitlement Generation. We see them throughout America today. If they ...
American Thinker - 4 hr. ago
This has been quite a year and it shows no signs of letting up. Given my belief that 1. God controls history, and 2. He has a reason for allowing the things He ...
American Thinker - 4 hr. ago
Considering the ubiquitous portable technology of urban protesters, one might expect their behavior to be several notches above Neanderthal. Instead, the pubic ...
American Thinker - 4 hr. ago
Not even 24 hours after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, multiple media outlets were telling us that on the question of whom they prefer to replace Ginsburg on the U.S.
American Thinker - 4 hr. ago
In all the perfervid reporting this week (Victor Davis Hanson calls this concocted melodramas) there are only three big stories to my mind: The President's stunning ...
Fox News - 5 hr. ago
Two names have been emerging from the list of Supreme Court contenders President Trump is said to be considering following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ...
American Greatness - 5 hr. ago
merican Greatness contributor Edward Ring joined John and Ken on KFI in Los Angeles to discuss his latest article, Environmentalists Destroyed California's Forests.
Fox News - 6 hr. ago
At least one protester was arrested Saturday after a group of about 100 people gathered outside the Kentucky home of Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.
One America Network - 6 hr. ago
Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, ...
Fox News - 7 hr. ago
James Meredith, a Black student, is blocked from enrolling at the University of Mississippi by Democratic Gov. Ross R. Barnett. Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs ...
Fox News - 7 hr. ago
If the crowd at President Trump's Saturday rally in North Carolina was any indicator, the president's supporters have already decided what he should do about the ...
American Greatness - 8 hr. ago
ominating to fill the Supreme Court vacancy now, but deferring confirmation until after the election-especially if the nominee were to be subjected to hearings in ...
American Greatness - 8 hr. ago
nti-Communist Polish-American voters were key to helping President Trump win the White House in 2016. Polish Americans make up approximately 10 percent of the ...
American Greatness - 8 hr. ago
riday's news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died after her long battle with cancer has briefly pushed most other topics off the great chyron running along the ...
American Greatness - 8 hr. ago
re you ready for the Big Show? It will be bigger than the Rumble in the Jungle and more dramatic than the Thrilla in Manilla. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ...
The American Spectator - 8 hr. ago
My best guess for who Donald Trump will nominate to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme ...
The American Spectator - 9 hr. ago
In a Catholic Church that seems to be led by cowardly sheep instead of shepherds, San Francisco's courageous Archbishop ...
American Greatness - 9 hr. ago
n the days leading up to the American War for Independence, a newly elected Patrick Henry stood before the Virginia assembly and boldly denounced the tyranny of ...
The Daily Wire - 9 hr. ago
UFC fighter Colby Covington gave an impassioned post-victory speech on Saturday night, saying that President Donald Trump's victory over Democrat presidential ...
The American Spectator - 9 hr. ago
Washington During an exclusive interview before he appeared on stage, President Donald Trump was clear about who was to ...
The American Spectator - 9 hr. ago
Conservatives are interested in conserving things. The past has meaning in the present. Anti-conservative rhetoric often dismisses this interest ...
The American Spectator - 9 hr. ago
Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, is considered one of the most powerful prelates in the United States. ...
Campus Reform - 9 hr. ago
robbing us of our tuition dollars once again
The Daily Wire - 9 hr. ago
Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) threatened that Democrats should consider packing the Supreme Court if Republicans move to fill the seat vacated by ...
The Daily Wire - 9 hr. ago
A prominent Black Lives Matter activist from Indiana apologized for pretending to be black and vowed to seek help after it was revealed that she was lying about her ...
Fox News - 9 hr. ago
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has braced her supporters for a very different future than they may have expected -- even if presidential nominee Joe Biden and other ...
Zero Hedge - 9 hr. ago
China is already successfully challenging Russia for influence among the post-Soviet states in Central Asia, particularly in ...
ABC News - 9 hr. ago
Republican senators face questions about their own past comments as they weigh what to do about the vacancy on the Supreme Court
Reason - 9 hr. ago
Congress may pack the Court. But how will everyone fit on the bench?
Fox News - 10 hr. ago
A black drape was hung over the entrance of the Supreme Court building in Washingon on Saturday, in tribute to Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died ...
The Daily Wire - 10 hr. ago
Leftist Rob Reiner appeared to make extreme remarks on Saturday about the upcoming Supreme Court battle, saying that Democrats needed to use powerful weapons in war ...
Zero Hedge - 10 hr. ago
threatened to strangle the child if they didn't comply.
The Hill - 10 hr. ago
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Saturday that the U.S. will reimpose UN sanctions on Iran amid increasing tensions in the region.
American Greatness - 10 hr. ago
he instant Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing was announced, the battle lines were drawn. Or, more accurately, one side girded for battle, while Republicans ...
Breitbart News - 10 hr. ago
It's likely that the Senate will have time this session to confirm a new FCC commissioner. | Tech
Breitbart News - 10 hr. ago
Pro-life leaders and abortion rights advocates see the Supreme Court vacancy as a crucial moment for the nation and for the question of life.
The Hill - 10 hr. ago
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said it is investigating a use-of-force incident from early June in which an officer fired a foam-coated projectile into ...
The Daily Wire - 10 hr. ago
Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, launched an outrageous attack on those in the political ...