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The Hill - 4 min. ago
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Wednesday attempted to temper expectations about a possible investigation into Hunter Biden, one day after President ...
The Hill - 4 min. ago
The issue doesn't matter to average voter, former GOP governor says
The Daily Wire - 4 min. ago
Pope Francis came out in support of civil union laws for same-sex couples, according to a new documentary that premiered Wednesday in Rome. Homosexuals
Daily Caller - 4 min. ago
Charlamagne Tha God told CNN's Don Lemon that a number of black voters had turned toward President Donald Trump because "marketing works."
Breitbart News - 4 min. ago
The Connecticut GOP launched an ad that targets Democrat anti-police policy that could lead to fewer officers keeping communities safe.
Breitbart News - 4 min. ago
A federal judge in California denied bond for the former Mexican Secretary of Defense after his arrest on drug conspiracy charges.
Breitbart News - 4 min. ago
Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents report a surge in the number of Haitian migrants illegally crossing the border into Texas.
Breitbart News - 4 min. ago
Rioters in Portland, Oregon, gathered outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building late Tuesday night.
Breitbart News - 4 min. ago
Protesters continued their attack on federal agents at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland.
Reason - 4 min. ago
A government survey finds that prepping for hard times can have wide benefits.
Fox News - 4 min. ago
More than 60 artworks and artifacts at some of Berlin's best-known museums were smeared with an oily liquid by an unknown perpetrator or perpetrators earlier this ...
The American Spectator - 9 min. ago
They are oh-so-righteous, aren't they? All the Don Lemons, Jake Tappers, Chris Cuomos, Jeffrey Toobins. The Scullys. The Chris ...
The Federalist - 9 min. ago
Without any evidence, Joe Biden claimed the intelligence community agrees there's no basis at all for accusations of corruption and shady business deals within the ...
Breitbart News - 9 min. ago
Singer Linda Ronstadt has called President Donald Trump the new Hitler and said that Mexicans are the new Jews, adding that she believes separating children from ...
Breitbart News - 9 min. ago
Netflix saw its stock take a six percent tumble this week after the streaming giant missed its third-quarter earnings targets and expected subscriber growth.
Fox News - 9 min. ago
Judge Amy Coney Barrett is meeting with senators Wednesday, a day before the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote on her nomination to the Supreme Court.
Washington Examiner - 9 min. ago
Louisiana legislators on Tuesday gave final passage to three instruments that will prevent the low balance of the unemployment trust fund from triggering higher ...
The Hill - 15 min. ago
President Trump and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) are statistically tied with their Democratic challengers in Iowa less than two weeks out from Election Day, according ...
The Hill - 15 min. ago
President Trump's niece Mary Trump said Tuesday that people should stop expecting her uncle to abide by the rules at the presidential debates.
Zero Hedge - 15 min. ago
I received an email from Tesla asking me to bring my vehicle in so they could ensure the safety of the roof.
Dolphins' Flores confirms Tagovailoa to start after bye | One ...
One America Network - 15 min. ago
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National Review - 15 min. ago
The letter claims Barr has made a career out of undermining our democracy and accuses him of ramping up efforts to undermine the upcoming elections
Breitbart News - 15 min. ago
Wednesday on Hugh Hewitt's nationally syndicated radio show, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows acknowledged being open to the possibility of looking into ...
LifeZette - 20 min. ago
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke out on Tuesday to shred the upcoming debate moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News, accusing her of
Reason - 20 min. ago
Part three in Reason's documentary series, Cypherpunks Write Code, tells the story of the U.S. government's long battle to keep strong cryptography out of the hands ...
Fox News - 20 min. ago
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows rejected suggestions this week that President Trump's tweets earlier this month calling for the total declassification of ...
Washington Examiner - 20 min. ago
Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley defended California Sen. Dianne. Feinstein after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer hinted he told the California Democrat she ...
The National Pulse - 25 min. ago
Former Congressman Charlie Dent, who has been floated for a high-profile Cabinet position in the Biden administration, serves as a Senior Policy Advisor for DLA ...
LifeZette - 25 min. ago
Jeffrey Toobin says he thought he was invisible on Zoom. Right.
LifeZette - 25 min. ago
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) took to the Senate floor this week to launch a last-ditch attempt to derail the Supreme Court confirmation of
The Blaze - 25 min. ago
Her crime: Believing the historic teachings of Christianity.
Daily Caller - 25 min. ago
CBS News defended journalist Lesley Stahl after President Donald Trump posted a short video that appeared to show her inside the White House without a mask on.
ABC News - 25 min. ago
As Joe Biden stays off the trail to prep for the final debate, a stable of surrogates, including President Barack Obama, is fanning out across battleground states.
Disrn - 25 min. ago
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Breitbart News - 25 min. ago
Hollywood star Kirstie Alley's announcement that she is voting for President Donald Trump unleashed a firestorm of vitriol from the left against the Emmy-winning ...
Washington Examiner - 25 min. ago
FRANCIS E. WARREN AIR FORCE BASE, Wyoming - As reliable as the clanking of railroad cars as they pass through Cheyenne day and night just outside the gates of ...
The Hill - 30 min. ago
President Obama endorsed Mississippi Democrat Mike Espy in the state's Senate race on Wednesday as the contest garners national attention.
Zero Hedge - 30 min. ago
...Schiff was spreading Democratic ...
National Review - 30 min. ago
They're children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it.
Fox News - 30 min. ago
Scott Peterson will return to the courthouse that first handled his murder case more than 16 years ago for an unspecified appearance on Friday.
The Hill - 35 min. ago
The Cook Political Report on Wednesday updated its analyses of a dozen House races, shifting all but one more in favor of Democrats as the party looks to expand its ...
Fox News - 35 min. ago
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had nearly three times as much cash in his campaign coffers than President Trump at the start of this month, according to ...
Campus Reform - 35 min. ago
Demonizing law enforcement?
Just the News - 40 min. ago
The incumbent senator's Democratic opponent out raised him by more than 100% during the third quarter of 2020, with help from the liberal tech nonprofit.
LifeZette - 40 min. ago
Joe Biden's campaign is catching flak after a new ad depicts a wealthy and Democratic Party contributor as a struggling bar owner.
The Blaze - 40 min. ago
'Absolutely zero evidence'
Breitbart News - 40 min. ago
Kelly Loeffler introduced a bill that would limit big tech's Section 230 legal immunity to stop censorship of free speech on the Internet.
The American Spectator - 45 min. ago
Controversy swirls around Joe Biden. A laptop owned by his youngest son, Hunter, left at a computer shop in ...
Zero Hedge - 45 min. ago
Official inventory data shows that crude stocks fell by a modest 1mm barrels last week (less than expected) but still a draw compared to API's build. Additionally, ...
Daily Caller - 45 min. ago
President Donald Trump, trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in nearly every battleground poll, made up ground in 2 key battleground states, polls show.
Daily Caller - 45 min. ago
Matthew McConaughey had an interesting strategy for writing his memoir. He spent 12 days without electricity when writing "Greenlights."
Daily Caller - 45 min. ago
Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly said Tuesday that Breonna Taylor's death was not the same as George Floyd's and had "nothing to do with race."
Disrn - 45 min. ago
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Washington Examiner - 45 min. ago
People are split on whether Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been honest about his son Hunter's business activities overseas, according to a new poll.
The Hill - 51 min. ago
Officials with the 2021 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington, D.C., canceled the annual event months in advance due to COVID-19.
The Hill - 51 min. ago
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on Wednesday criticized veteran CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl as an opinion journalist and denied that President Trump ...
Disrn - 51 min. ago
The latest news and headlines from Disrn. Keep up with breaking news stories and the news you care most about. Brief, smart news analysis with key insights to ...
Reason - 51 min. ago
Over at Newsweek, I have a new piece on the history of number of justices on the Supreme Court and
Fox News - 51 min. ago
A day after donning a face mask for the first time during a liturgical service, Pope Francis was back to his mask-less old ways Wednesday despite surging ...
The Blaze - 55 min. ago
Cast your vote and don't forget to share!
Daily Caller - 55 min. ago
Joe Biden said in an interview Tuesday that there was no basis "whatsoever" to say that his son, Hunter, has profited off of his family name.
Daily Caller - 55 min. ago
Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly said Tuesday President Donald Trump could be reelected with the hidden support that most polling misses.
Newsmax - 55 min. ago
Pope Endorses Same-sex Civil Unions in New Documentary Film
National Review - 55 min. ago
The settlement is the strongest effort to date by the Justice Department to hold a major drugmaker accountable for the opioid crisis in the U.S.
Breitbart News - 55 min. ago
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday sounded off on her Twitter suspension in response to sharing copies of emails allegedly from a Burisma ...
Breitbart News - 55 min. ago
During an appearance on Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson Tonight, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) applauded the Department of Justice's move to sue Google on antitrust ...
Breitbart News - 55 min. ago
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Glenn Beck discussed Big Tech and the corporate media's handling of the bombshell New York Post bombshell stories about Hunter Biden, ...
Washington Examiner - 55 min. ago
Four newborns have died in the last four weeks after being denied access to lifesaving cardiac treatment due to COVID-19 travel restrictions in Australia.
Washington Examiner - 55 min. ago
President Trump entered October with $63.1 million in his campaign account to spend on his reelection bid, a sum dwarfed by Democratic nominee Joe Biden's $177.3 ...
The Hill - 1 hr. ago
An anonymous Kentucky juror from the Breonna Taylor grand jury on Tuesday said state Attorney Daniel Cameron (R) never presented homicide charges for the officers ...
Zero Hedge - 1 hr. ago
Prosecutors allege the attacker approached a couple of Paty's ...
Newsmax - 1 hr. ago
U.S. Case Against Google Mimics Suit That Weakened Microsoft
The Federalist - 1 hr. ago
If Joe Biden is elected president the scrutiny of his email scandal will only intensify.
Breitbart News - 1 hr. ago
Sarah's Law is about changing the system to ensure families of victims killed by illegal immigrants have the promise of justice.
Breitbart News - 1 hr. ago
The following is an extensive, but not exhaustive, look into Joe Biden's problematic record on racial issues and his long history of making racially insensitive ...
Reason - 1 hr. ago
Plus: What Jeffrey Toobin teaches us about Section 230, Wisconsin's Foxconn boondoggle, Breonna Taylor juror speaks out, and ...
The Daily Wire - 1 hr. ago
Political pollsters are like weathermen - they can completely blow the forecast and never get fired. That's what nearly all of the pollsters did in 2016.
BizPac Review - 1 hr. ago
President Donald Trump was moved when a retiring police officer offered his flat badge in a show of appreciation for 'having our backs.'
ABC News - 1 hr. ago
Pope Francis endorsed gay civil unions for the first time as pope while being interviewed for a feature-length documentary that made its premiere at the Rome Film ...
National Review - 1 hr. ago
The FBI is in possession of Hunter Biden's laptop, two senior Trump administration officials stated.
Breitbart News - 1 hr. ago
General Motors (GM) is set to invest over $150 million in five Michigan manufacturing plants, according to
Breitbart News - 1 hr. ago
Authorities in California have arrested and charged a man with burning signs supporting President Donald Trump and Rep. Devin Nunes.
Fox News - 1 hr. ago
California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state will independently review the Trump administration's anticipated coronavirus vaccine before approving distribution to ...
Washington Examiner - 1 hr. ago
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden grew visibly frustrated when asked by local Wisconsin press about his family's business dealings.
Christian Post - 1 hr. ago
Liberty University's fall enrollment is up 10.5% from last year's despite the sex scandal involving ex-President Jerry Falwell Jr. that erupted just as classes ...
Daily Caller - 1 hr. ago
In an Instagram video posted by Daniel Cisneros, a guy wearing a Dak Prescott jersey shoots his TV several times after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Cardinals.
ABC News - 1 hr. ago
The Justice Department is expected to announce on Wednesday a settlement of civil and criminal charges.
Fox News - 1 hr. ago
More than 75 anti-human-trafficking and victims' services groups are pressing politicians, government officials and media organizations to combat conspiracy ...
ABC News - 1 hr. ago
Joe Biden's biggest challenge may begin the day after Election Day
National Review - 1 hr. ago
Joyous as it is, 'American Utopia' would have been just about perfect if David Byrne had avoided the earnest political pleas.
Washington Examiner - 1 hr. ago
Three out of 4 registered voters believe social media companies have too much influence over what news the public reads, according to a new poll, with a majority ...
Washington Examiner - 1 hr. ago
Pennsylvania House lawmakers expressed wariness over a cost-saving measure to consolidate six state-run universities into two.
Washington Examiner - 1 hr. ago
Fox News's Sean Hannity has a news crew staked outside of Democratic nominee Joe Biden's home, urging him to address the Hunter Biden scandal.
BizPac Review - 1 hr. ago
Paul Begala literally screamed during an interview Tuesday to sum up his party's anxieties heading into the final stretch of the 2020 election cycle
Hannity - 1 hr. ago
The Commission on Presidential Debates confirmed Wednesday that the moderator will mute the microphones of either Donald Trump or Joe ...
Hannity - 1 hr. ago
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer weighed-in this week on Dianne Feinstein's growing backlash over her praise of Lindsey Graham's ...
Zero Hedge - 1 hr. ago
seriously, hope and optimism again?
The Blaze - 1 hr. ago
'The sinless are casting stones'
Daily Caller - 1 hr. ago
The details behind Nick Saban coaching against Georgia sound right out of a movie. A private jet was used to rush his coronavirus test results.
Daily Caller - 1 hr. ago
France will ban an Islamist group named after a Hamas co-founder as part of a crackdown on Islamic radicals following the decapitation of a teacher.